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We’re a full service private detective agency ready to serve you in any investigation you need help with. Over the years, we’ve built up a solid reputation based on integrity, quality, and experience. Each of our investigators is experienced and dedicated, and together we make up a skilled and well-rounded team. We’re serious about our work, holding all information provided by clients in strict confidence.

We’re in the trust business, and work hard to ensure our clients are always making sound, informed decisions. Our team includes expert investigators, analysts, intelligence, security, private sector, and insurance personnel with decades of experience. Our principals:

Founded by Hector Jimenez & Brigitte Ballou, Texas & New Mexico Licensed Private Investigators

About Us: About


Managing Owner & Co-Chief Investigator

Investigator Jimenez has over 15 years of police, security and investigations experience dating back to his commission as an El Paso Police Officer in February 2006. Investigator Jimenez also has broad experience in security, teaching and investigations. His wide-breadth of experience also spans with the City of Socorro, Texas as a Code Enforcement Officer and he is also licensed licensed by the Texas Department of State Health Services as a Code Enforcement Officer. Investigator Jimenez has experience in crime scene investigations, security, personal protection and perimeter protection and is licensed in Texas and New Mexico as a Private Investigator. Investigator Jimenez earned his Doctorate degree in 2016. He prides himself in assuring his clients' safety, protection and high quality investigations.


Managing Owner & Co-Chief Investigator

Brigitte Ballou has over 26 years of service as a police officer with the El Paso Police Department including in several investigative units such as Crimes Against Children, Crimes Against Persons, Financial Crimes, Intelligence, undercover investigations, tactical units, training and as a general detective.  In addition to her exemplary service to the El Paso Police Department, Ms. Ballou also served as a police officer with the Socorro, Texas Police Department and has extensive training in child abuse investigations, crimes against persons investigations, sexual assault investigations, financial crimes, computer crimes and weapons training.  She earned her Doctorate degree in 2016.

About Us: Meet the Team
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